Book Talk: Caboodle & The Whole Kit

Hey, how’s it going?

Can I get you a coffee or anything?

Cappuccino? Got it; be right back!

…There you go.

I love this place, The Coffee Plantation here in Phoenix is far nicer than the coffee shop I used to frequent back in Bowling Green. You don’t have to worry about the weather so much as it’s almost always hot and you can sit out in the fresh air (when there’s a table available) shaded from the sun under the parasols. They sometimes let a local band play live in the afternoons… it’s really pleasant.

Guess What?

I finally got my book published. You know, the one I’ve been banging on about forever!

Yeah that’s right, the one with all my scraps… finished poems and songs I’ve never done anything with and a few short stories. I’ve called it Caboodle & The Whole Kit although I did struggle coming up with a title to begin with. Here it is:


I know right? A few folks have remarked about the cover. It was actually created from a photo that I took while on holiday in Llandudno last year. I can’t believe how well it came out.

I introduced most of the short stories under a section called, Interludes because they are actually interviews with various characters from well know writings, plays and movies such as Heathcliff from Emily Bronte’s, Wuthering Heights, and the phantom from The Phantom of the Opera. Those two are my best ones; I think anyone who has read Wuthering Heights or been to see The Phantom of the Opera will appreciate the jest within these two fictional interviews. The same similarity will work with the others… I even did one with Darth Vader! Lol.

Would you like a muffin to go with that cappuccino or a slice of cheesecake? The cheesecake here is out of this world! You simply must try it… I insist!

Too big? Yeah, they are a bit. Tell you what then; I’ll get one and we can share. Raspberry?

…Mm. Delicious isn’t it?

…Anyway, I also have three other sections where I’ve grouped poetry and lyrics together: Family & Faith; For Laughs; and Caboodle. Under Family & Faith, I included the poem I wrote reflecting upon an experience I had while my son was in a coma after his tragic accident the other year. It was a hit and run that left him for dead. He actually did die for several minutes, but the paramedics brought him back. Here it is:


I notice first your hair





It fell over your shoulders

As you stood


The bed

Your face

It seemed familiar




I could see

My son

Through you

When you came to me

That night

Although you spoke

No words

To me

You stayed there

Quite a while

Your message




All was said


Your Smile

I can’t remember

How you were garbed

You were




One thing


Upon my mind

The beauty of

Your Face

You came to tell me

All would be well

That you were with

My son

As he lay there

In a coma


Good will

To be done

The doctors

Could not offer


We are doing

All we can do

They could not



My mind




Why is it you would come to me?

I try not to


At all

It must be




The faith

You strengthen




For you have been there

Many times

Always taking

The lead

Sweeping away

Wanton desires

Caring for

My need

Your appearance is not

Always the same

Nor are the things

You do

They say

You work

In mysterious ways

Now that

I know

Is true

I know that you have

Carried me

When I’ve been


As one way closes

In my face



Another door

I do not know

What to believe

My heart


Be True

I only know

If I believed

In God

He would have to be

Like you

Angel was inspired by a vivid dream I’d had after several visits to the ICU, each one with the hope that my son would awake.

On a lighter note, I’ve also added some love poetry and lyrics, and my section, For laughs is full of jovial limericks and poetry. Caboodle is a bit of a mixture. My whole idea for putting these together (besides simply finding something to do with several manuscripts that didn’t seem to fit with anything else.) was to reach out and touch on things that sparks different emotions: love, commitment, sadness, hope, joy and laughter. I’m sure that folks who read Caboodle & The Whole Kit tune into this.

You really think so?

Thanks that really encouraging. Ooh, is that the time already! I’m so glad we were able to get together for this catch-up! Take care and I’ll see you again real soon!

Caboodle & The Whole Kit is available at this universal link: AMAZON.


Thank you for reading this first episode of Book Talk. If you would like to present your book or even someone else’s in a unique way, get in touch through the Book Talk page. 




    • Not quite, Teagan. It’s a new feature for authors to talk about their books. This is an example of what they can do to present their work in a new way. Check out my Book Talk page for more. I would be delighted to have you participate! Mega hugs back! 🙂

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  1. This is so entertaining, Kev. It gives a great example of how your Book Talk works. The poem made me all weepy – just beautiful and so full of heart and grace. Phew. ❤ I have your book, I just need to get reading!

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    • I was thinking all week, I should do my own Book Talk just to give folks a taste of what Book Talk is about and what they can do with it. I have no doubt creative authors such as yourself can come up with something far better… hope so! I’ve linked this to the Book Talk page so folks can have a quick look to get an idea of what they can do. Happy the poem touched you. You’ll find a mix of emotions when you read it, but mostly bubbly ones, I think. Enjoy and thanks so very much for your encouraging words, Diana. 🙂

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