Echoes of Time

Echoes of Time has now been entered into The Diamond Book Awards! Join me in wishing Anne the best of luck!


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Echoes of Time

I’ve read a couple of the Guernsey Novels prior to this and while they all provide excellent reading with strong characters, fantastic plots along with plenty of twists and turns to keep you rooted, and of course, the idyllic Guernsey settings, Echoes of Time is by far my favourite to date. Anne Allen has pulled out all the stops with this one.

The story is full of suspense and mystery as Natalie’s new life in present time Guernsey echoes with that of Olive’s in the 1940’s German occupation of the island. The parallels between their lives cause a stir of mixed emotions of anger, distress, fear and hopelessness as they each strive and yet seemingly fail to escape a life filled with overwhelmingly abusive situations.

While dealing with her own grueling present day situation, Natalie’s new life is also fraught with paranormal occurrences in her…

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  1. Best of luck to you, Anne! I just read Kev’s original review and it sounds perfectly lovely. Have added all of Anne’s books to my TBR list and hope to read them one day.

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