Book Talk – Sublime Shadows Of Life

At the outset, I would like to Thank Kev, for offering me this wonderful opportunity of talking about my first poetry book, which is very dear to my heart.

Shadows look fascinating when we follow them, try to catch them as children or when we revel around in the prime of youth, oblivious of their darker aspects. They unfold their sombre side as we try to understand life.

Sublime Shadows Of Life

Here I am, in conversation with my mentors, the shadows of life.

Hi Shadows, I always found you sublime. Come let’s celebrate the sunshine.

Why only sunshine? We like darkness too. Need we remind you?

I know, you sway; you scare yet your messages are sublime. You are transitory, you feed on our weaknesses. The day I understood you, your reverence grew within me. You reconnect me to the past, the bruised emotions and the lost passions. You linger around me even when I try to brush you away. Are you so nasty to everybody?

We haunt all people. We try to pull them into darkest corridors to acquaint them with their capabilities. When we try to trap them, when we conspire to encage them, self-awakening hits them. Those who like to dwell in our shade realize what a torture it is live in the pool of tears but we give voice to muted desires and mental anguish.

griefpoemDon’t you come like unseen robbers, with muffled exterior to enforce your influence, bringing along detachment and shattering our most valued dreams?

We just create awareness. Detachment is the other side of attachments you willingly enter into. You may try very hard to hold on to your treasures, they would slip away one day.

I remember the day you fell on all those wonderful years of delight and pride. I can never forget the way you swept all my joys into one gigantic abyss.

We always keep the embers alive. Even a flickering flame can guide your way and we step aside when you look at the twinkling stars, replete with hope of a new dawn.

But you create anxiety and acrimony all over the world. Your long streaks touch everyone. People watch dumbstruck:poem-emotions

We pervade all around humanity, challenging each one of you to comprehend the harmony of thoughts and usher in a new order of inner peace and serenity. The choice lies with you.

You have been my best pal. You have helped me so much in understanding life, in conquering my pain, in forgiving myself from all the guilt. You made my poetry profound. You have enriched my life by making me perceptive and forgiving. How can I thank you?

You have done that by dedicating your poetry book to us. We love the title of your book – ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life.’

Shadows…I love you! I have rediscovered you with the help of my grandchildren, with whom I chase you once again!

Meet the poet: 

Balroop Singh, a former teacher and an educationalist always had a passion for writing. The world of her imagination has a queer connection with realism. She could envision the images of her own poetry while teaching the poems. Her dreams saw the light of the day when she published her first book: ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life.’ She also writes non-fiction and has written three more books.

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  1. What a beautiful book, inside and out, wonderful title and message. Thank you Kev for introducing me to Balroop and her moving, heart-stirring poetry. I have long held onto my dream of one day publishing a book of poems, words expressed in those moments when shadows whisper. Thank you Balroop for your wonderful inspiration.

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  2. Nice to meet you Kev. You’ve shared a lovely and talented writer here.

    I love this unique way to discuss your work, Balroop. It’s obvious your grandchildren have gifted you with a playful side that you can use in your writing. Shadows get a bad rap, but here you’ve shown us how much we can learn from them. This book will help people going through tough times to accept their shadows. Exceptional.

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    • Thank you Lisa, for choosing such nice and kind words to describe my poetry. Yes, tough times taught me to be happy with whatever falls into our share. It also told me to keep the hope alive, which is always there at the end of a darker phase to embrace us with a smile. 🙂

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  3. Loved this post and your message Balroop. The message I took is that we can’t have self-awakening and light until we come through the darkness. We can’t stuff our emotions in the darkness and leave it there 🙂 You take my life journey and put them into words.

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    • Yes Vishnu, I may sound philosophical (which many of my friends would scoff at!) darkness works wonders with our personality and self-love.
      Like a famous poet said : gulshan ki fakat phoolon se nahin, kanton se bhi zeenat hoti hai. jeene ke liye is duniya mein, gum ki bhi jaroorat hoti hai”
      (The glory of a garden is enhanced not just by flowers but by thorns too
      pain/sorrow too is required to live in this world)


  4. This is wonderful that you have shared Balroops wonderful gift to us in her book of poetry here Kev.. Thank you..
    And that was an astounding introduction to Shadows of Life by you Balroop.. amazing words..
    Thank you for sharing your shadows so that others may find their Light..

    Love and warm regards..
    Sue xxx

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    • Thank you Sue for your beautiful words, they have always been inspiring for me. Isn’t it strange that the significance of light can only be felt when we are surrounded by shadows…some pleasant like those under the trees and some scary? I appreciate your visit here and taking time off from your painting and gardening to share your view. Love and hugs dear friend.

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  5. Such a touching write up about the theme of Shadows, and the theme of your book. “you scare yet your messages are sublime” So true. Shadows often creep up on us, like how each day creeps up on us and before we know it, is dark and our shadow trails us. I like your positive take on shadows, in that they encourage us to find inner peace. It was a challenging year for me last year and I felt like I was living in shadow, living in my own shadow. During this time I reflected a lot on what matters to me. It is when we confront our own shadow that we truly come to understand our choices and most importantly, ourselves. Keep writing, Balroop. Well doen on the guest post 🙂

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    • Thanks a ton Mabel for being such an understanding friend. Love your take on the shadows and I am happy to note that your perspective is quite similar to mine…confronting dark shadows is indeed helpful in knowing what we want, well said, dear friend. Stay blessed and have a wonderful Sunday.

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  6. Very powerful presentation, Balroop. I love the way you used the shadows/your muse to converse about your work. Thank you for contributing to Book Talk! 🙂

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