Book Talk Gets Magical with Teagan and Kev

Hi everyone. I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene.  Today I’m here with another Book Talk with Kev at KC Books and Music.  I’ve done some joint posts with other bloggers (click here), such as vignettes featuring my characters combine with recipes from Suzanne at A Pug in the Kitchen.  So when Kev and I discussed me doing some “Book Talks” I got the idea to do something similar — but with his music!

I know that lately I’ve focused on my 1920s stories  The Three Things Serial  and (coming up this spring) I’m getting ready for the take-off of the second one, Murder at the Bijou, Three Ingredients-I.  However, my Atonement, Tennessee “universe” seemed the best fit for Kev’s music.  He suggested his compelling and lovely song, Magical

Kev, would you say a few words about your song here?

I would love to Teagan, thank you. Magical is a love song/ballad where the artist expresses how his world has changed as if by magic since his lover came into his life. It is a song about the essence of falling in love. The original song was written many years ago. Last year, I thought I should do something with my song, Magical since I’ve finally started to have some of the songs I’ve written over the years recorded and released. I changed some of the lyrics to bring them up-to-date, but the music remains the same. It’s a mellow arpeggio played upon a classical guitar to keep the ‘magical’ feeling or mood, if you will.

No wonder I liked the song!

Kev and I both agreed it would be fun if I used something from the point of view of Lilith the calico cat.  Kev’s Magical is how I imagine Gwydion’s magic working on Ralda Lawton if everything had been well… right.  However, in quirky Atonement, Tennessee magic is rarely gentle.  So (as with most things in my fictional town) the magic Lilith witnesses Gwydion perform does not go as planned.  My the snippet does not happen in the lovely way of Kev’s song, but it’s definitely magical.  From my work in progress, Atonement in Bloom, take a look at some of the magic Lilith saw.  The scene is followed by a trailer I made for the book-to-be.  



Lilith watched in fascination.  She could feel the magic in the air, even though the men didn’t appear to be doing much of anything.  She could particularly feel Gwydion’s power.  It made her skin tingle and the fur at the back of her head ruffled.

Gwydion used a stick to scratch at the ground at the foot of a giant old oak tree.  He dropped seeds there and deftly covered them.

Fine powder glittered in the moonlight and settled on the fresh dirt where the seeds were buried.  Gwydion stepped aside allowing the moonlight to touch the seeded ground.  Sprouts appeared immediately.  Before Lilith’s watching gaze they quickly grew into mature plants — small but ethereal blossoms of white and pink meadow sweet along with branches of the broom shrub, heavily laden with yellow flowers.

The unnaturally strong scent of the blossoms was powered by Gwydion’s fae magic.  The flowers ran vine-like and entwined with the ancient oak as it started to surge and pulse.purple-shooting-star

The huge and ancient oak had a split in its center that looked like a gaping maw.  The tree shuddered and groaned.  Two limbs, each thick as an adult human’s thigh, writhed and twisted.  As the limbs twined together and merged, they took on an undeniable resemblance to the form of a woman.  The branches became crossed legs, an arched back, and arms outstretched.  The head was held back and the placement of the oak’s bark created an agonized expression on the face.

Lilith crouched down fearfully, but was mesmerized by the horrible scene.  She was unable to turn away.


So there you have it… Kev’s Magical, as it might go as a musical component to my story.

Kev, thanks very much for letting me visit again for this Book Talk.  Even if I could resist a pun, I’d still have to say it was magical.  Mega hugs everyone!

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62 thoughts on “Book Talk Gets Magical with Teagan and Kev

  1. A wonderful joint collaboration of a post! Kev, I love your song, gentle melody and touching lyrics – it’s stayed with me since I’ve listened to it. The magic continues with your book Teagan and I thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic and intriguing excerpt. Good luck with your latest book!😀

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  2. What a lovely post. I loved the gentle, magical music. I was not expecting anything like that, and it spun a little cocoon around me while I read. Beautiful!

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  3. So beautiful, Teagan and Kev. As I read about the magic of Lilith and listened to the sweet music in both videos, my mind was awash with enchanting images. Thank you for this magically restorative tonic 💕

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  4. What a magical way to start the day, well, I started here, but got waylaid, long story, but happy to be here (and to hear) the magic of this post – the combinations are fantastical!!! Must waltz off but must share first so others can find their way here! 🙂
    Mega musical magical hugs xoxo

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  5. Thanks for another fabulous Book Talk, Teagan. I really enjoyed collaborating with you on this one and look forward to doing it again. Anytime you’re up for doing one either on your own, with myself, or even with someone else, you know where to find me.

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    1. I’m delighted to hear that Kev. I realize I postponed releasing this one, but that was just life and circumstance throwing challenges in my path. It was great fun working with you, and no stress at all (unlike my “real” job).
      As I approach the release of my next 1920s novella, I’m trying to put the focus on those stories. So if you have anything that puts you in mind of that era, feel free to let me know. 😀 Mega hugs!

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      1. That’s the beauty of Book Talk, Teagan… There’s no pressure and you have complete control of when your article is released. I’ll definitely keep your 20’s series in mind. 🙂

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    1. Many thanks, Mary. I know you love to pick “theme” songs to go with your books, so I knew you’d get it. I’m glad I could acquaint you with Kev’s music. Many thanks for visiting. Mega hugs.

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    1. Thank you Dyanna — and thanks for reblogging! Oddly in creating Lilith, I first considered just about everything but a cat to witness the things my heroine could not see. Now I wouldn’t change a whisker. Mega hugs.

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    1. Thanks Diana… I couldn’t agree more about Lilith! I think Teagan has some magical qualities that spill out into her work, but she’s keeping it under wraps if you know what I mean. 😉😊

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