Galveston 1900: Indignities… The Arrangement #DBA

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Galveston 1900: Indignities

The Arrangement

I was immediately drawn into this tale as it transported me into the Texas of the 1920’s. I love it when a story can do that to me. Brown certainly has a solid knowledge of the era which is evident through her skill of storytelling and descriptions.

The characters are realistic, the events that take place are mind-blowing but equally as real, and the story not only draws you in; it keeps you captivated throughout as it tests all of your emotions.

The work is very well written and constructed. I did find a couple of minor errors, but this is still a solid five-star work.

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  1. I hate spoilers, but I would like to know what kind of conflicts it explores. Is it about racism, poverty, the struggle between oil barons and ranchers/farmers? What did it challenge. Texas has a lot of amazing history. You left me curious what I aspect I will read about if I pick up this book. Why did it move you?

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    • All excellent points and something to consider next time, Sheri. I may go back to throwing in the author’s synopsis, and comment on it while maintaining my spoiler-free approach. The main struggles faced in this case are, exploitation and theft at its lowest form… stealing a baby from its family after gaining their trust, and all for financial gain.

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    • Thanks Balroop. I’m trying to make a habit of doing just that so folks will feel the need to check out the author’s work on Goodreads or Amazon. 🙂

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