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Book Review

The Best Advice So Far

“The Best Advice So Far” is about choice. Filled with wit, humor and poignantly real stories, “The Best Advice So Far” shares collective wisdom through a new lens, as well as practical application for living like it matters (because it does).

Review: Tyler presents us with a very sincere, yet fresh perspective for dealing with issues and problems of every day life. He draws from his experiences as a mentor, his relationships, in particular his long-term relationship with his best friend, Chad, and even shares his inspirations, particularly those of his aunt.

Rather than a ‘Do this/Do that’ approach, Tyler discusses possible solutions and then challenges us to reflect upon our own experiences.

The book is very thought out and cleverly presented with hyperlinks to the reflection exercises at the end of each chapter, and hyperlinks at the end of the exercises to the beginning of the following chapter making it very easy to bookmark.

I have to admit, for me it is usually the simplest things in life that give me pause to reflect and I found Tyler’s chapter, Lemonade to be a real ‘pick me up’ after having a very troublesome week. This chapter will stay with me for a long time. Perhaps there’s a particular chapter for you in this work.

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  1. Kev … you! What a nice surprise, to come and find this, and to know that you not only read the book, but that you were encouraged by it and took the time to review it — I don’t know quite what to say beyond thank you!

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    • You’ve created an invaluable resource to help folks with everyday problems, Eric. I find it inspiring. Thanks for the time you dedicated to share your knowledge, skills and experiences. Very well done… Sorry I’m late replying, it’s been a sad time for us with the passing of a friend who we gave a good send off too only last Friday.

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  2. I like your review Kev, as ever fresh, short and insightful. I like Erik’s style of writing. Talking about advice, very few like to follow it as people learn more from their own experiences but blessed are those who read about such wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Hi, Balroop. In writing this book, my hope and goal was that, through story, people would see themselves and the situations they’ve already encountered — because I agree with you, a book of “just a bunch of advice” wouldn’t be especially helpful.

      By the way, the title is meant to be catchy. But I’m not claiming that anything I came up with is “the best”; rather, this is a collection of the best advice that I’VE come across “so far” in life, that has helped me enjoy life and relationships without stress.

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