Shimji #Book Talk

Shimji, The Channel Island Vixen


Did you know there is a book written about me?

I’m Shimji a Channel Island vixen. We’re a special species of foxes living on the beautiful islands off the coast of Southern California and we are the only carnivore unique to California. Our history is long, we came to these islands thousands of years ago and the first humans we interacted were the Chumash. Their stories and ours mixed, hence my name Shimji which means Little White Cloud in their native language.

I was born the only girl of a litter of four. Brothers sometimes can be bothersome, but still, I loved them. My parents taught me the history of the Channel Island Foxes which made me dream of leaving the islands to visit the mainland where my ancestors came from. The dream became an all-consuming desire. Of course, it would have been much simpler if I had wings like my seagull friend Topanga or fins like the sea lion Malibu or with a rainbow bridge created by the Chumash Earth Goddess Hutash. The truth is, I had to find my own way.

After crossing the sea to the mainland, I experienced a loud and noisy world filled with humans and their dens, gray ribbons called streets with loud metal things that the humans use to be faster, unfamiliar creatures who taught me their way of life, new smells and a whole array of crazies. But I did find companions along the way, who explained to me the way of the world.

Everything got complicated when I decided to go back to the island. Luckily, I made a cat friend named Blackout, even lived in his castle with his human servants. He helped me escape before I was to be carted off to the zoo. My island friend Topanga and her seagull friends made an impossible task possible.

If you like to read about my adventures, it’s all in the book Shimji, The Channel Island Vixen



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