Book of the Month… The Best Advice So Far

My latest choice for Book of the Month is Eric Tyler’s, The Best Advice So Far! If you missed my review of This most excellent work, you simply must read it. Here’s the link:

The Best Advice So Far… Book Review

Erik is a wonderful person and a very charismatic figure in the world of blogging, writing, and mentorship. He is a creative force who loves life and people in his own very special way. He is in fact one of the kindest men I’ve come to know through the blogging world.

A direct link to The Best Advice So Far on Amazon can be found in the widget section of this blog where it will remain for a whole month. It can also be accessed by clicking on the book cover above.

Join me as I congratulate Erik for this wonderful achievement!



    • Thanks, Natalie. If your summer reading list isn’t full quite yet, I certainly invite you to check out The Best Advice So Far. There’s a good amount of opening material available in the preview on Amazon, if you’d like a “test drive.” πŸ™‚

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  1. Kev, Kev, Kev … I hardly know what to say here. Posting the book for readers was unexpected and generous; but your review of it … and me … well, again, I hardly know what to say. I trust some readers who need some kindness in their lives will find some at the right time through your own kindness here.

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    • No need to say anything, Erik. It’s well-deserved recognition. I’m happy you like it. I’m honoured when readers share their kind thoughts.

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