Sad News

I just learned from Adrian, Kate’s husband that Kate, my dear friend and editor, and author of the blog: roughseasinthemed  died on Sunday 13th of August. 

Me. Trying to look studious and thoughtful …

I have known Kate for several years and she has been a brilliant editor and great contributor to both this blog through her editor’s column and The Diamond Book Awards. She loved her life in Gibraltar and Spain and loved her rescue dogs, and her garden where she grew a lot of her vegetables and other marvelous things. I will miss her blog posts, comments, and humour. My thoughts go out to her husband, Adrian. I am too saddened to say more but believe I speak for all of us when I say, Kate will be sorely missed.





  1. Totally shocked. I’d missed Kate around the blogs, but figured she was off traveling.
    A great loss to the world and to bloggers. Such a source of information with wit, insight, and caring. No doubt there was a sudden hush among dogs around the world at her passing. May peace and comfort find her family and friends

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  2. I am in shock … I just heard the news. Such a great loss to the writing and blogging community. Kate was such a huge support to me in my efforts, and privately she was a great sounding board for my ideas and thoughts and comments, always incredibly helpful – and wickedly funny! I will miss her immensely.

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  3. I was directed here by Pix & Kardz, after we both heard this news from different sources at about the same time. I am devastated, and I didn’t have the same level of contact as you and many others here. I can only imagine how you are feeling.

    My condolences to you, Kev, and to the others who have loved her, and worked with and sparred with her.

    I appreciate your comments, and Cynthia’s, in particular, because you’ve described Kate well. Bless you!

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  4. Hi Kev, I just sent you an email but see that you already heard this sad news. I have been on a blogging hiatus for a few months and still haven’t returned officially, but I did want to let you know.
    And then i saw this post. I cannot believe it. She was a good friend as well as a provider of insights and writing tips. What a loss. My deepest sympathy to her partner and rescue pups. I wholeheartedly agree – she will be sorely missed.

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  5. This is so sad Kev. I only met her online this past year and realized fast how fascinating she was. Who understands the logic of why great souls are taken much too earlier in life. A very sad loss to our writing world. 😦

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  6. This is a severe shock. I have been an admiring follower for some years, and thought of her as a friend. We have had some stimulating sparring matches, but in good spirit. As recently as 5th August she was still in evidence in comments, and I had been looking forward to her becoming more active again.

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  7. I don’t often feel like crying nor feel a sense of loss for a person I’ve never personally met as I do right now.

    We’d sparred often both in jest and in serious discussions and I have the utmost respect for her and I concur that her voice, wit, and intellect will be missed.

    My condolences to all who knew her and all that feel the same loss as I do.

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  8. I’ve been in a total state of shock since I received a message from Adrian earlier today.
    With our mutual love of rescued dogs, land rovers and Yorkshire (our home county), we soon became firm friends, and hundreds of emails, birthday and Christmas cards and gifts passed between us in those eleven years.
    I will miss her greatly x

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  9. So terribly sad, my sympathies to her family. We had made a bit of a connection over the rescue dogs, as we take those in from Spain as well, and had some similar canine family members. How tragic for all 😦

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  10. Oh, this is terribly dreadful news. I didn’t know Kate well, but often saw her around the blogosphere, and she popped in now and then on my posts to comment. And, of course, I frequently saw her here. Wishing her husband, family, and you peace at such a difficult time. You are in my prayers.

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    • I can’t believe it, Cynthia. We just got through deciding on the Diamond Book Awards. My last email from her was only on the 4th of this month. She even told me she had started on her next post for the editor’s column on this blog… I had actually emailed her yesterday to ask how she was doing as I hadn’t heard anything from her and noticed she hadn’t been on her own blog. Adrian responded on her behalf today and that’s how I came to know.

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