On Reviews 2…

Join me over at, Just Write where Marsha has kindly invited me back to continue my short series: On Reviews. In my second episode of On Reviews, I discuss my take on Four-star reviews. You can find the post right here:



6 thoughts on “On Reviews 2…

  1. I’m with you. I’ve given 3 stars for books that I would still recommend, but for various reasons the story needed some work. Besides, a lot of 5 star reviews simply say “Loved it” or “This was great”, etc. Four star and three star often go into detail about what the reader liked and didn’t like. Helps the author know where they need to hone their skills for the next work.

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    1. Spot on about the detail… or lack of. I want to know why someone ‘loved it’ or think ‘it’s great’. I’ll be covering my take on three-star reviews in my next episode.

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