Dragons Are Real, and They Are Coming

dragon-161033_960_720“Dragons are real, and they’re coming.” I shook while I knelt before the hearth and crackling fire. How could they be real? How could any of this happen?

Su Yin placed a hand on my back. “I am sorry, Yanka. I wish…”

“Wish? Don’t do that. Don’t tell me you wish.” I turned away from the fire to look across the cabin to my sleeping brothers. “They believe you can save us. That you can stop the dragons.” I faced Su Yin. “But you can’t, can you?”

She opened her mouth, but hesitated. “We will protect you.”

“If you’re able to stop them, then why did you need mama? Why tell her that she’s the only one who can stop them? And why are you still here if she can?”

Su Yin touched my face and I closed my eyes. The tears fell. Anger and fear raged in my stomach and chest. I wanted to scream, to run.

Dragons were real. I saw them with my own eyes.

They were coming. I had no doubt.black-158185_960_720

But I could not rage against the princess. She and the king and prince were here to protect us.

No. I could not blame them. I could not be so childish. Not when mama needed me to watch over my brothers.

I collapsed with my head on Su Yin’s lap. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

She stroked my hair, like mama did when I was a little girl and scared. Su Yin sang and sleep wrapped me in its gentle arms.


Yanka and the Dragons revised_Page_1Yanka and the Dragons:

Ten year-old Yanka Ouedraogo finds that dragons are not monsters of stories. They are real, and they are coming. After the arrival of mysterious Princess Su Yin, Yanka discovers her mama once bore the title of Dragon Watcher for the legendary Knights of Tiqvah. Mama leaves to stop the onslaught of dragons and tasks Yanka with protecting her two younger brothers. One problem: after her father’s death, Yanka fears she’s the last person to protect anyone. When dragons invade her village, Yanka learns they want one thing: her. Can she escape the invasion and prove able to protect her brothers? Will the mysterious Knights of Tiqvah arrive to save the day? Or will a new Dragon Watcher appear and stop the carnage in time? (Middle Grade level, but good for the whole family!)

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Helen. I’m doing fine, thanks… Hope all is well with you. I’ll be catching up on blogging soon, so expect a visit! Russell did an excellent job of this, and his first post with me. I’m glad folks are finding his posts attractive.

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      1. All good here, thanks Kev – gearing up to release Ambeth 4, hopefully some time next month 🙂 I’m not in blogland as often as I’d like to be, as I’ve been doing so much editing and writing, but it’s work I love 🙂 Russell’s post was great, I agree – and I’ll keep checking in x

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    1. 🙂 Thanks Diana! Just to be sure, though, this scene isn’t actually in the book – it’s an “in-between” scene. One that could have happened between events that are in the book. Didn’t want to give anything away, since it’s a short story. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, however this isn’t an excerpt, but a “in-between” scenes scene (does that make sense). Alluded to in the story, but I didn’t want to put anything of the actual story here, since it’s a short story. 🙂

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