Book of the Month

Each month, one lucky author is awarded the Book of the Month Spotlight in the widget column of this blog with a direct link to buy their book on Amazon for A Whole Month! They also get a dedicated post with a direct link to their review on Amazon!

The Book of the Month is selected from popular book reviews or book talk articles posted at Books & Music.

While I no longer accept book review requests, I do tend to read and review the books that spark my interest through Book Talk. You can learn all about Book Talk right HERE.


Mae Clair

Anne Allen

D. Wallace Peach

Erik Tyler

Colleen Cheseboro

Helen Jones

Linda Pirtle

Stephen Page

D.G. Kaye

Lyz Russo 


Helen Jones

D Wallace Peach

Annabelle Franklin

Mae Clair

Teagan Geneviene

D.G Kaye 

Bette A Stevens