A Child of Woods #BookTalk

Divya shares her dream with us, was it a dream or something else? From the story “spurned lover”: From where was the light coming? Then I turned my face a candle was burning on a table across the room. I am dreaming… that table is not from my bedroom.   Suddenly a voice rang out [...]


Tell Me A Story #BookTalk

The story of séance told by Monica, from her angle. “Hey, Mona!” I could guess who it was from the extra soft palms, and of course the voice! Sonia always blurted out a word or two after covering my eyes! She is such a sweet darling! “The ghost that lives on the neem tree?” I [...]

The Cover Story of Black Mist #BookTalk

The cover story of Black Mist narrated by Mitesh B I yawned and stretched for a while on the bed, this was one of my favorite moments in life, the tranquil life of a wealthy author! Who picks up a pen when the muse wants to! No pressure of meeting deadlines, writing to please others! But [...]

Dragons Are Real, and They Are Coming

“Dragons are real, and they’re coming.” I shook while I knelt before the hearth and crackling fire. How could they be real? How could any of this happen? Su Yin placed a hand on my back. “I am sorry, Yanka. I wish…” “Wish? Don’t do that. Don’t tell me you wish.” I turned away from [...]

Always Remember, Love, You Belong to Me

You. I’ve been watching you, Love. Picking away on your guitar. Running your fingers over your piano. Lost in thought. Frustrated. The music isn’t coming, is it? You pour out your soul into each note, each line, but gain nothing. Silence. I know what you need. Me. I’ve been doing this for a long time, [...]