win_20161009_14_01_40_proKevin Cooper 

Author and Songwriter.

At KC Books & Music I don’t just focus on my own work, but do all I can to highlight other authors and their works as well. Up through the end of 2016 I did this through medium of exposure to include Author Interviews, Guest Posts, Blog Tours, and Book Blurbs… You know… The usual shebang! However, just this year I’ve introduced, Book Talk which is an innovative approach for authors to promote their work. 

Additionally, and brand new to KC Books & Music, I have invited an award-winning Editor/Journalist/Reviewer to write about and provide sound advice and tips on all things related to writing, editing, and reviewing. You can find out more about this on The Editor’s Column.

KC Books & Music also has a Book of the Month feature, and hosts its very exclusive annual, Diamond Book Awards program! More about all my services can be found on their respective pages in the menu bar or simply click on the links provided above.

As an author, I’ve written several books in various genres. My published works can be found on My Books page. I do have a couple more books in progress which I talk about on my Projects page. Media platforms I use to share my books and those of others in addition to this blog are:

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Vimeo, Goodreads, AuthorCentral, and AmazonProfile.

As a songwriter, I have written many songs and several have now been released. My releases can be found on my Albums page. You can find out more about songs I’m currently working on getting released by visiting my Projects page. Media platforms I use to share my music and releases in addition to the first three mentioned above are:

SongCast, YouTube, and SoundCloud

Links to my latest publications or music releases can also be found in the widget column. Thanks for visiting KC Books & Music. I do hope you’ll have a browse around and that you find something you like whether it be someone else’s work or even one of my own books or songs.

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