Miedo 3 Serialisation

I started this serialisation back in July 2016. As is my wont, I got too busy with other things and then ended up taking it down. Anyway, after a rethink and some conflicting episodes with my muse, I’ve, or we (if you like) have decided to carry on with it. Who know? We may even do it ’til it’s finished! (Ha ha!)

For those you who are unfamiliar with the Miedo Series so far. I have already published two books: Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear and Miedo 2: A Reckoning With Fear. Miedo’s story continues in this serialisation which is an unedited draft version of the third instalment in the Miedo series as it is being written. It covers my nineteen years as an English ex-pat living in the United States.

Miedo is my alter ego. He is the epitome of a boy/young adult living a life filled with fear that is brought about by formidable circumstances. In the second book he resolves many of his fears. In Miedo 3 we see echoes of their underlying fragmented existence. Below are links to the posts for your convenience.


Episode Seven

Episode Six

Episode Five

Episode Four

Episode Three

Episode Two

Episode One