Music and Writing Projects

DSC00792MUSIC PROJECTS: I’m a songwriter and I’m working on several tracks which once completed will be put together to create my first full album: The Right One. It will contain a collection of love/relationship songs with a bit of a pop, ballad, rock, country, and folk mix.

In addition, I’m also working on a second set of tracks that will eventually be put together to create another album which will consist primarily of humourous songs of various styles of music. I’ve yet to decide on a title for this.

My latest song, All I Can Say is a love ballad where a person is expressing how important their relationship is and how much it means to them. This song could be easily expressed by either partner in a relationship. All releases so far can be found under Albums in the main menu.


WRITING PROJECTS: As a writer, I’m working on my third and final memoir of the MIEDO series, Miedo 3: Fragments of Fear. I did start it as a serialisation on this blog; a completely unedited version to which I invited readers to leave their comments and suggestions. I have now decided on a completely new approach and to write it as a collection of vignettes. I also have several smaller in process… More about them later.