KAI Presents… Stuart Harris!

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents:  Stuart Harris! Tell us a bit about yourself, Stuart. A: I’m Stuart Harris with writing name of S. M. Harris.  I’m a playwright with some off Broadway productions (in NY, Spokane and Baltimore) to my credit. I have written my first novel.  I am starting at this somewhat late in life, [...]


KAI Presents… Kate M. Colby!

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents:  Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to be here today. My name is Kate M. Colby, and I’m an author of science fiction, fantasy and nonfiction for writers. My first series, Desertera, consists of steampunk fantasy novels with themes of socio-economic disparity, self-empowerment, romance, and revenge. By day, I’m a copywriter at a wine [...]

KAI Presents… Timmy! (Pix & Kardz)

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents:  Timmy (Pix & Kardz)   Kev: What’s your latest book called and how did you come up with the title? The Tiger Fierce – it was the title of the blog post which inspired the book. And that title was inspired by the little tiger himself, Timmy. Kev: Which Genre do [...]

KAI Presents… Robin Leigh Morgan!

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents... Robin Leigh Morgan! I’m a retired NYCity employee who’s been married for 22, no children, who has written two books. For my debut novel I wrote “I Kissed a Ghost”, followed by a collection of 100 Flash Fictions [vast majority of which are only 5 sentences long] entitled “Micro Fiction – [...]

KAI Presents Aaron Dennis!

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents: Aaron Dennis… warrior of time… envoi of expansion… man who writes  *** Kev: What’s your latest book called and how did you come up with the title? Today, we’re talking about The Dragon of Time. Gods and Dragons is the first in this series, and the title is based on the [...]