Hi folks! Starting from tomorrow... November 6 thru November 10, you can download my illustrated version of Reflections from Amazon absolutely free! Even if you have read my first edition of Reflections, I recommend you download your free copy of the illustrated version which has been both updated and newly edited with some revised poetry, [...]


The Heart’s Journey Home

Book Review The Heart's Journey Home Poetry for the soul. The Heart’s Journey Home is a collection of 23 poems that capture the essence of the fragility and the resiliency of our hearts; the brilliant beauty of life's journey. We all love/loved deeply and most likely have been on both sides of goodbye. We know [...]

Book Talk – Sublime Shadows Of Life

At the outset, I would like to Thank Kev, for offering me this wonderful opportunity of talking about my first poetry book, which is very dear to my heart. Shadows look fascinating when we follow them, try to catch them as children or when we revel around in the prime of youth, oblivious of their [...]

A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

Book Review A Ranch Bordering the Salty River There is a sincerity that runs throughout this short work that touches the soul as Jonathon shares the joys, hardships, secrets, and the dangers that entwine the life of a rancher in Argentina. It is the type of storytelling that mesmerises the reader as told through the [...]