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Sadly, Kate from roughseasinthemed died of heart failure earlier this year. I’ve decided to leave this page up in her memory for a while. Here’s the short tribute post I wrote: Sad News.

Kate’s articles which she wrote exclusively for Books & Music on can be found below.

Meet the Editor

Me. Trying to look studious and thoughtful …
m Me. Trying to look studious and thoughtful …

Hello, readers of Kev’s blog.

I’m roughseasinthemed and Kev has generously invited me to be a guest columnist here.

Why roughseasinthemed for my blog title and name? Well, because I live in Spain and Gibraltar within walking distance of the Mediterranean Sea. And although often thought of as a calm sea, it can get quite choppy at times.

My dogs enjoying the Med in Spain:

I moved here from the UK at the turn of the century, and I’ve also lived and worked/studied in France, The Netherlands, Italy, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

I’ve spent 30+ years in the printing and publishing industry, starting off as a writer for our county archaeology department, then qualifying as a newspaper journalist, working as both a reporter and editor. Subsequent jobs included government press officer, communications specialist, public relations manager, public affairs manager and all things involving writing, editing, graphic design/layout and publishing.

My great-uncle's typewriter, another journo in the family
My great-uncle’s typewriter, I taught myself to type on it; he was another journo in the family

Currently, I work as a freelance editor, and I also provide beta read reports, post publication reports and reviews. I’ll be writing about all of these in my monthly column. Most of my editing is on fiction, but I also produce corporate reports.

If you have any queries please ask them in the comments below, or contact me through the form on my About Me page on roughseas.

Looking forward to sharing tips, views, exchanging opinions about all things bookish with the readers on here (some of whom I know through your own blogs).

Links to my monthly posts will be added on here for easy reference.

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Meet the Editor